Sunday, December 5, 2010

unspoken reality

Unnoticed Signs of a Recession
                As our country starts to emerge from the recession, signs have become ever-more apparent of the struggles with money people have through the appearance of animals. BLS horse sale has seen an increasing number of “hungry horses” in the last few years.  The price of feeding large animals can become such a burden for some people that they choose to leave multiple horses on pastures that can hardly sustain one. As the animal starts to lose weight some owners avoid going to check on them, other owners claim that they don’t look that bad.
                Montana had a great year for feed this year. The constant rain mixed with the few hot days we had was a ranches dream. So why did the stock brought into BLS not show the same signs of great pasture? The answer may be as simple as horse owners not being able to afford the price of adequate pasture space for the number of horses they own.

night veiws

Night pictures
                There are things, places or people that we see every day that we never really notice until they are in a different light. Horizons are one of these, people dive to work in the morning and never realize that the direction they are going has some of the world’s most spectacular colors at dusk. I have driven on the same road for ten years. Never once in that time did I realize the tree just off the road to the west could be one of the most amazing figures of the night. Last year as I drove to Laurel via back roads to feed in the dark. This tree was there lit up by a light directly under it.
                That moment that tree represented my life. It just stood there, alone. People seen it every day, there was nothing special, or perfect about it. If it had been cut down most would’ve probably never noticed. I would have never noticed. But it wasn’t cut down, or set on fire, or trimmed to be perfect. It was light up with two white lights. The people who bought the land the tree resided on gave it a purpose. I connected with the meaning it had for me. They did to that tree; the same thing having a child did for me. They gave its being a purpose.   


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Howl-o-ween at the Zoo

                This was my last year to dress my son up in whatever costume I wanted. I chose T-Rex and spent three minutes teaching him how to roar (he hasn’t quit roaring at people since).  He put his costume on and off to the zoo we went with our friend Ashley and Emmy. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but in a child’s world we were in candy heaven. Hundreds of people from the area showed up to give their support to our local zoo’s efforts to expand with two new exhibits this year. The newest arrival was a wolf pup that we never did get a chance to see. As we tried to make our way there we had to stop, at a toddler’s insistence, at every line to get a piece of candy that he would inevitably not be allowed to eat. Two hours later and a mile and a half of carrying a squirming T-Rex we exited out the gates we went in and headed for the walk-in clinic, we were at the day before; to get antibiotics for the oozing ear infection they said he didn’t have. Next year he can pick his own costume and wear it around the house all he wants before Halloween.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

hoof and legs

F-stop: f/5.5
SS: 1/25

                                                                         ISO: 200
                                                                         F-Stop: f/4.5
                                                                         SS: 1/15


                                                                            ISO: 400
                                                                            F-stop: f/5.6
                                                                            SS: 1/125

Ok I added these to show the differance. Honestly I don't hate them ,but it take so much of the focus off the leg that this is why I didn't add them. I appericiate Leah input, but I personaly don't want the focus to be on the horse, I wanted it to be on the color I think it become a stronger visual

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project 4

Heres the Hook
                                                                   ISO: 3200       
                                                                   F-stop: f/5.6
                                                                   SS: 1/320

                                                                 Unused Corners
                                                                           ISO: 3200         
                                                                           F-stop: f/5.6
                                                                           SS: 1/2500

Tuesday, October 12, 2010




F-Stop: f/5.6



F-Stop: f/6.3
                                                                                ISO: 100
                                                                                SS: 1/500

                                                                                                                 F-Stop: f/5.6                                                                                                                  ISO:200